Internet Packages

eFirehose Internet is available to most residents in areas North and East of Calgary. Here is a Map of our current and coming soon coverage areas. We do not provide service to residents within the City of Calgary.

Standard Package:

  • $59.95/month
  • Free installation, no upfront fees
  • Free radio receiver rental
  • Includes a public, dynamic IP address
  • Unlimited download traffic
  • 20GB upload traffic per month
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses
  • 1GB of email and web space
  • 7 Day a week telephone support
  • Speeds of up to 8Mbit download and 1Mbit upload
  • Static IP available for $10.00/month
  • 2 Free months for successfully referring a friend to our service
  • Receiver always under warranty for as long as you're a client

What is a referral credit?
When you refer our service to a friend, neighbor, or anyone and they sign up on our service, you receive a credit to your account equal to two months worth of their service. For a residential installation you receive 2 months free service (value of $119.90).

How can I pay for my service or setup fees?
We currently offer several payment methods:

To make a one time Credit Card or Debit payment online:

Upon completion of the installation we require payment for your first month of service.

Our service is pay as you go. All payments are due at the beginning of the month for which they apply.

Cheques are to be made payable to Community Networks. Cheques sent via the mail can be sent to 280, 550 – 71st Ave SE Calgary, AB T2H 0S6.

Why is your pricing different than in the city?
Our pricing is extremely competitive. Many advertised specials one sees in the media are introductory rates that will increase once you have signed up. When you factor in promotional pricing, the need for a contract and the rest of the fine print, we are often lower priced than the other services on the market. We do not use promotional or introductory rates. The price you see is the price you get. We rely on maintaining long term relationships with our clients, not marketing tricks.

Can you host my basic web site?
Every client on our system automatically has 1 gigabyte of disk space set up for them. You may have as many static web sites or e-mail addresses in that space as you wish. Your space would then be viewable at

If you own a domain name, we can host it for you. For $5 a month we will host your domain name and have it point to your free web space. We also forward e-mail accounts for that domain. (Additional registrar fees are the responsibility of the customer)

LAN Extensions

Do you need to connect two locations together on your corporate network? We offer a quick and simple way to bridge your locations together if they have a clear line of sight between them. Our solutions are ideal for VOIP and most any other application.

Small Business LAN Extension 1 ~ 15km

  • $1800 installed, includes:
  • Link design.
  • 2 x Ubiquiti NanoBridgeM5-25 radio bridges. Capable of raw over-the-air rate of up to 300bit. Layer 7 TCP speeds of about 150 mbit. 100BaseT
  • Outdoor grade ethernet cabling.
  • 2 x Power injectors with surge suppression.
  • 2 x Radio wall mounts.
  • Installation labour and materials.
  • 1 year warranty on equipment.
  • 60 day labour warranty.
  • Same or next business day onsite response.
  • Upgrades:
  • Armoured cabling for industrial applications. $400
  • Ballast mounts for flat roof commercial installations. $400
  • Upgrade to Mikrotik based radio bridges with discrete antenna and steel enclosures. Also adds enhanced routing features, GigE ethernet port, and range of up to 40km. $900
  • Extend labour warranty to 1 year and have same business day onsite support. $700

We can also quote for 24/7/365 on-call support, remote monitoring, and have solutions for up to 60km and higher speeds.

We have Ubiquiti bridges as a regular stocked item in our warehouse in Calgary.